Pros And Cons of An Owner Occupied Investment Property in Inland Empire

Most often, the term “owner occupied investment property” is used to designate a multi-family dwelling that the owner also lives. This arrangement has some definite advantages, as well as some major drawbacks. Investors usually start small with a duplex or triplex to get the feel of this real estate investment strategy. And to further help … Continued

How To Use a 1031 Exchange To Acquire Property in Inland Empire

Selling a home that you purchased for a considerably lesser amount means you’re making money. That’s a great thing until Uncle Sam wants his share. While there are some tax exemptions on capital gains on a personal residence, there is another option. How to use a 1031 Exchange to acquire property in Inland Empire could … Continued

How International Buyers Can Purchase Property In Riverside

More and more real estate transactions have an international party associated with the deal. Buyers seek real estate as investments around the world. The Riverside market is no different. There are many reasons for interest by international buyers in regions like this. The transaction is slightly different for international clients than domestic ones. Take the time … Continued