5 Ways To Throw A Memorable Open House in Inland Empire

Some people will tell you that open houses don’t really work anymore. But they do – if done right. A memorable open house can be a highly effective marketing tool if it is top notch and, well, memorable. The idea is to fill your home with genuinely interested potential buyers – not just tire kickers … Continued

How To Stage Your House To Get People To Buy in Inland Empire

Knowing how to stage your house to get people to buy in Inland Empire is one of the key ingredients in selling your house quicker and at a better price. Staging involves strategically arranging décor and furnishings to make your house look it’s absolute best and showcase the best features. It may even involve renting décor or … Continued

5 Tips For Setting The Right Price For Your Inland Empire Home

Getting the price right may not be everything, but it’s probably the most important thing when it comes selling your Inland Empire home. You have a lot to consider when setting your price: what are the prices for similar houses in the area, is it priced for online searches, does the price take into account … Continued

5 Tips For Getting Your House Ready for The MLS in Inland Empire

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is used throughout the real estate industry to help connect buyers and sellers. Sellers’ agents list properties with the local MLS, and buyers and their agents can browse the listings to find houses that interest them. In addition, 90% of buyers shop for houses online (at least initially), so it’s … Continued

6 Yard Improvements to Sell Your Inland Empire Home

Yard improvements to sell your Inland Empire home and landscaping will generally get you the biggest return on time and money invested. An added plus is that they usually cost much less than, say, an extensive kitchen update. According to some real estate experts, an investment in landscaping and yard improvements has the potential to … Continued

How To Find The Perfect Riverside County Home In 2019

Not so long ago searching for the perfect home was both much easier and much more difficult. It was fast because your only resources were realtors’ brochures and the classifieds and, of course, driving around neighborhoods looking for for-sale signs. Not much to it really, but you were pretty limited and had no way of … Continued

How Much Work Should I Do To Sell My Inland Empire House?

If you’re thinking about selling your house in Inland Empire, you’re probably asking this question: “How much work should I do to sell my Inland Empire house?” That’s an easy one to answer because the answer is the same in every case: it depends. The amount of work you should do depends primarily on the … Continued